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201 N Ashbury Ln
Tucson, AZ 85701

(520) 590-0835

Hours of Operation:
Weekdays: 8:00 am -6:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Callahan Automotive

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Customer Testimonials

"Selina said the business was very informative and made sure she understood the repair process"

-Selina R.

"Stephen said the business is real good. The vehicle was fixed very quickly. The staff is patient. He appreciates the business for helping him."

-Stephen A.

"Ryan said this business is prompt, they get back to him right away, and they have good prices"

-Ryan H.

"Geofrey said Sophie was very polite, professional, and willing to work with him. He called on a Saturday morning and the work was completed that same day."

-Geofrey C.

"John said he has been going to the business for awhile. They did exceptional work and went above and beyond what he expected."

-John C.

"Antonio said the business was really informative about what was going on. They kept him in the loop with everything and answered any questions that he had."

-Antonio G.

"Ryan said they are easy to deal with and they are always in good spirits. They take care of whatever he needs and they call him back on time."

-Ryan H.

"Preston was terrific to work with -even though my experience was very painful financially - at no point did I feel like I was getting ripped off and Preston was very good at explaining what was being done and why."

-Richard G.

"Service you can trust You can trust Callahan Auto to properly diagnose the problem and perform the service at a fair price. They also discount cash customers!"

-Bill C.

"Fast service and great people The team here have always been great! They are quick and honest... Both traits not seen in many repair shops today!"

-Scott P. in san tan valley